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MMA Sparring Round

From Elite MMA Sparring.  A good example of a sparring round.  Note how the fighters do not attempt to kill one another but instead practice techniques.

Time: 3:01  Posted by Randy Khatami

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Antifa Fight Club@Anomalia, 2010

Uploaded October 24, 2010.  Antifa Fight Club in Italy, training and fighting.

Time: 3:17  Posted by turi1886

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Muay Thai: Buakaw vs Zaripov Rustem

Buakaw in black shorts (Thailand) Vs Zaripov Rustem (Russia).  Fight ends at around six minutes with a knock out.

Time:  11:58

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Muay Thai: Buakaw vs Dong Wen Fei

Buakaw is a legendary Muay Thai fighter from Thailand.  In this match he wears the red waist band.  Max World Champion 2013 at Zhengzhou , Henan China, August 10, 2013.  In China, apparently, Muay Thai fighters cannot use elbows, which is a traditional part of Muay Thai matches.

Time: 11:58

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Antifa Fight Club@Anomalia 2011\2012

Posted by turi1886

Video of anti-fascists in Italy training and fighting, from 2011-2012.

Time: 6:25

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